‘It’s quite magical’: FFA founder Dave Millard on Funktion-One’s Farr Festival performance

Dave Millard, founder and owner of Full Fat Audio (FFA) has praised the performance of Funktion-One’s loudspeakers at last month’s Farr Festival. 

Located in the Hertfordshire countryside, the electronic music festival saw Funktion-One systems deployed across the site. 

Millard has been an intrinsic part of the event since istarted nearly a decade ago. In addition to running FFA, he holds a sizeable stock of Funktion-One loudspeakers, which he pairs with his own amps to create sound systems that are suited to Farr’s bespoke aesthetic. Working with supplier support from Zion Audio, Millard used this Funktion-One/FFA pairing to produce systems for all five of the festival’s stages and spaces. 

“I’ve been using Funktion-one since about 2001,” said Millard. “I was using Tony Andrews and John Newsham’s designs when it was Turbosound. It’s just something that appeals to me - it’s something that I get.”


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