About Us

Established in 2018, Frontier Audio is focused on providing professional audio services and equipment in East Africa. The main brand that we work with is Funktion-One (www.funktion-one.com) - a world renowned sound system company who's products are engineered and manufactured in the UK. 

Their speaker products focus on the highest attainable audio quality, using accurate sound dispersion technology - reducing out of venue noise pollution, as well as providing an award winning sonic experience - that highlights the emotional effect that music should have. 

Funktion-One systems comprise of extremely power efficient hardware and software integration, making them an ideal choice for an wide variety of audio applications. 

From festivals and stadium packages, to bar, club and private home installations, we provide a tailor made audio solution for every situation. All rental equipment comes with specialised full time engineers. 

We also provide unique permanent sound installations, with a tailor fitted finish that includes consultations and regular site visits. 

For more information and booking enquiries please contact info@frontieraudioafrica.com